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Embrace Change

Change is a part of everyday life. And if organizations want to remain competitive in the marketplace, they need to ensure their employees are equipped for the ride. That's why you need Mastering the Change Curve to help individuals, employees, and managers learn how to understand, accept, and move through each phase.

Adapt and Grow

If the individuals in your organization are having a difficult time adapting and adjusting to organizational change, Mastering the Change Curve is your remedy. It's an easy and effective change management assessment guide for bringing issues to the surface, providing a framework for healthy growth, and empowering individuals to shift their focus from the past to the future - without stalling or spinning their wheels.


Learning Outcomes

  • Pinpoint one's current stage in the change management assessment process
  • Learn the four phases of change
  • Understand the "Change Curve Model"
  • Identify productive and nonproductive change behaviors
  • Develop a strategy for mastering change


  • Provide support at the early stages of a new change effort.
  • Help individuals adapt to changes they did not initiate.
  • Gauge and interpret individual or team reactions to change.
  • Bring issues and concerns to the surface.
  • Spark discussion during a planning session, team-building session, or management retreat.

Renee Lane

Training & Development Director
Fayetteville Observer
"I love HRDQ training materials. They are very much on target. HRDQ offers training programs that are complete and cover the subject matter in a very thorough manner. Materials from other training companies cannot compare."

Rick Marchior

Regional VP of Training
"We had a very positive experience with
Mastering the Change CurveThe seminar provided a clear context and a non-threatening environment for participants to identify and own their change stage. Secondly, the exercises provided a combination of guidance and open discussion for individuals to name and begin implementing action steps allowing them to move forward toward Commitment."

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